Our mission and values

Our mission: Empower underprivileged communities with online education.

We believe that empowerment, education and community-based projects have the power to eradicate poverty and transform lives.

Our values



  • We give an enabling experience to all our members (students, volunteers, staff). Everybody’s experience at Uplifters should be positive and fulfilling.
  • We create a global movement of Uplifters, people willing to uplift others’ lives but also to learn and grow personally.


  • We concentrate on the positive and share inspiring stories without denying hardships our students endure.
  • We promote a can-do attitude.


  • We bring people together. We give our members a sense of belonging and our students a family far from home.
  • We care. We make people feel that they matter.
  • We encourage and highlight our members’ achievements.

Our core principles to solve social issues:

  1. Human-centric design thinking approach: In other words, thinking in the shoes of our students.
  2. Community-led projects: Student leaders know what the students need better than outsiders, we care more for the things we contribute to.
  3. Collaborative approach: We don’t want to reinvent the wheel so we look for collaborations with different stakeholders (NGO’s, governments, etc.)
  4. Data-Driven decisions and evidence-based approach: Random decisions produce random results, therefore we use data-driven and evidence to determine our decisions.
  5. Scalable and sustainable impact. We want to make sure our efforts have the potential to have a significant impact on the maximum number of people.