Our Vision, Mission and Values

Our Vision 

We envision a world where underprivileged communities are empowered to build the lives they want for themselves.

We believe that empowerment, education and community-based projects have the power to eradicate poverty and transform lives.

Our Mission

Our mission is to enable migrant domestic workers in South-East Asia to transform their lives by unleashing the combined power of online education and community support – and as such make migration successful. 

Our values



Enablement is the core of all we do. We strive to give a fulfilling experience to all our members regardless of their background and create a global movement of Uplifters, people willing to uplift others’ lives but also to learn and grow personally.


We concentrate on the positive and promote a can-do attitude without denying the difficulties of the situations our members face.  We don’t victimise our members and work to shift the narratives around underprivileged communities.


We bring people together. We give our members a sense of belonging, a family far from home and the assurance that they matter. In a nutshell, we care.