Five ways to avoid over-extending your stay abroad

Do you want to be a domestic worker for your entire life? Discover here the 5 ways to avoid over-extending your stay abroad.

  1. Set realistic financial goals with your family – no more than one or two.  Make them responsible with you. For example, discuss the number of years you should spend abroad and if you can share the burden. Learn to say NO and how to talk about money with them. Rehearse before you talk to them to make sure you don’t make them feel guilty but still make them understand that they need to learn to manage money well!
  2. Stick to your plan, don’t buy unnecessary things and be careful of investment schemes. A dollar saved is a dollar earned!
  3. Teach them the value of money and work. Make all able adults of your family make their own money or get training. Before you open a business, plan for it and learn business management to make sure it does not fail. Don’t give your children all they want, teach them the value of money.
  4. Limit your charity work. Being kind is not being gullible and naive.
  5. Keep your savings a secret even from your family.

And you, what are your plans for your future?

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How to Avoid Over-Extending Your OFW Career

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5 Replies to “Five ways to avoid over-extending your stay abroad”

  1. My plans for my future is to have my own house,
    a business.financially secure.
    stick to my business plan.

  2. My plan for my future, have my own house and set food business, I will stick with my plan and make it happen

  3. My plan for my future is to finish paying study to all my kids, then they have a proper job.
    Stick to my plan for business.

  4. my plan for ny future is buil my house n stay there n open my online food food.
    n rent my other house for my incame when im retired from working abroad.
    this my plan n this my dream.

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