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Creating a Positive Work Environment for Domestic Workers taking care of young children

Employers of domestic workers are encouraged to foster healthy working relationships by providing clear and concise communication.


Uplifters is offering a short online module completely free of charge to employers to help bolster a positive working environment. Domestic workers also have access to their version of the module to set themselves up for success. These modules have been created for employers hiring domestic workers to take care of their children.

Our module for employers covers:

  • Being clear about your domestic worker’s duties and responsibilities
  • Writing down expectations
  • Setting healthy boundaries
  • Making her an ally in your children’s development and education
  • Handling emergencies
  • Ensuring continuity in the children’s education
  • Communicating with your domestic worker
  • How to react when the domestic worker doesn’t follow the house rules
  • Conclusion

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“ The course is very comprehensive and pragmatic, the way it’s structured make you really remember the key things you have to know to take care of the baby. I would have loved to take this course when having my first baby three years ago. It was still a great refresher for me as I’m expecting my second one soon. I really appreciate as well how it is giving tips on how to approach your relationship with your helper, I must say I was completely clueless back then and those tips would have definitely been useful! ”

Sophie (Hong Kong, Parent)