Covid-19 Crowdfunding campaign

Help us raise USD $15,000 by May 15th to continue UPLIFTING domestic workers


How is COVID-19 impacting migrant domestic workers and what can we do to support them?

Covid-19 has had an impact on all of us in some way. Sadly, it’s the underprivileged who suffer the most. Now more than ever, migrant domestic workers need access to online community support and education to better their future. They currently face multiple challenges:

  • Loss of their jobs due to the economic downturn or because employers fear they may transmit the disease.
  • Families of migrant domestic workers in lockdown areas have immediate higher financial needs.
  • Further restrictions on their freedom of movement. Their days off are now often spent at their employers’ homes; sometimes working without being paid.

It goes without saying that this is emotionally taxing and puts them at an even higher risk than before to being victims of abuse and falling back into the poverty trap.


Let’s transform 750 Lives together!

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Let’s transform 750 Lives together!

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By donating US $20 to Uplifters you will:  

  • Help one domestic worker have the opportunity to join a positive and supportive online community to navigate COVID-19 challenges and receive quality information and advice. We give them regular updates about the situation and information about scams and fake news. We have produced new ad-hoc resources like videos on how to wash your hands properly in English, Tagalog (Filipino) and Bahasa (Indonesian). We have also started weekly Facebook live “Antivirus” videos so we can reply to their immediate questions.
  • Sponsor the full cost of her “Prepare for the Future” online education program. It consists of a 3-week money management and personal growth online course followed by a 6-month follow-up program. We have tripled the monthly enrollment number of domestic workers since the beginning of the year. We make sure their learning journey is successful however it requires more resources from us.

To create more of an impact, donate monthly! Monthly donations give us the financial stability we need, especially in these uncertain times.


Unfortunately since February, Hong Kong has had limited government services, therefore delaying the obtention of our tax-exemption status hence our access to corporate funding and grants. We need to raise at least US $15,000 by May 15th.

Thanks to our online education tools, we are a very lean organisation and all our resources are focused on generating a long-term change. We need funds to:

  • Maintain our online course websites;
  • Pay the salaries of the two full-time employees and the two part-time employees who manage the programs and coordinate the work with our team of volunteers.


I had been working for 6 years in Singapore but had nothing to show for it. In just one year after I joined Uplifters, I started building a house in the Philippines. I don’t have a weekly day off to attend face to face classes so Uplifters was a unique opportunity for me.
Nelie, Filipina
What is unique about Uplifters is that there are chats in the online classes where students can share their difficulties and motivate each other without fear about being judged.
Ayu, Indonesian
I came to Hong Kong two years ago to escape a toxic relationship with my ex-husband. Uplifters is not just about money management but also empowerment. I am little by little reaching my objective to make myself complete again as an independent woman.
Jhoan, Filipina
Hong Kong


Marie Kretz Di Meglio founded Uplifters, a not-for-profit organisation, in March 2018. We’re now a team of four and are also supported by dedicated volunteers.

There are more than three million migrant domestic workers in South East Asia and the Middle East (1). Despite spending years abroad trying to make money and being far away from their families and children, most domestic workers go back to their home countries to the same situation or worse off than when they left. They face tremendous financial pressure and are victims of unethical migration corridors leaving them caught in debt cycles. 

Our mission at Uplifters is to empower them with the community support and the financial and personal development knowledge necessary to make their migration successful. Currently 1,500 students (mostly Filipino and Indonesian) have enrolled in our courses since our launch two years ago and we expect 1,400 more by the end of 2020. We have a 100% recommendation rate amongst our alumni. 97% said that it helped them reach their financial goals and 79% said our course transformed their lives. 

What’s unique about us is that Uplifters is a truly community-based organisation. Our students join class chats to discuss the lessons with their peers. These discussions are facilitated by alumni domestic workers who went through our “train the trainers” online program. Not only does it motivate them to complete the course, but it also guarantees that knowledge is transformed into action, hence making our model at the same time self-replicating, scalable and impactful

(1) Farsight report – Modern slavery in South East Asia, Feb 2016