Prepare for the Future – Money management and personal growth

This is our six-month online programme, which consists of two modules. Module one; ‘Dare to Dream’ focuses on the key learning points such as budgeting your finances, loan pitfalls and setting financial goals for your future. The second module; ‘Make it Happen’ consolidates the module one lessons and helps you expand on the key points to achieve a sound financial understanding.

– Our 100% FREE online class allows the flexibility to complete the course whenever possible, no need to wait for a day off!

-Learn how to manage finances on a phone. No need for a laptop.

– Be part of a strong and supportive community of women who are passionate about uplifting and empowering each other.

-100% FREE, no hidden fees. Dare to Dream is an online course offered by a non-profit organisation; Uplifters, to help domestic workers lift themselves out of poverty and make their migration successful.

Join our 3,600 students who are managing their money successfully and using the life skills they learned from our Dare to Dream course to navigate and successfully handle the challenges of being a domestic worker. Like them, you too can learn how to plan well, communicate with your family, friends and employer better and make your hard-earned money work for you.

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Want to know more? Check out some of our FAQ below:

1. What is the course about?

Two modules over six months.


  • Learn the best techniques that are scientifically proven to live a happier life and increase your well-being.
  • Prepare for the future. Set financial goals and learn how to manage money efficiently. Make a budget and record expenses in order to increase savings.
  • Develop communications skills and learn how to say “no” to money requests.
  • Understand loans and make better investments. Learn how to detect scams.
  • And last but not least, participants will be pushed to act now! Because change is not something to learn but to experience.

Estimated workload: 4 – 6 hours per week, for three weeks.


For students who complete our Module 1 “Dare to Dream.”

  • Continue to learn emotional intelligence and time management skills to live a happier life.
  • Keep track of your monthly progress to reach your long term financial and personal goals.
  • Learn the best motivational techniques.

Estimated workload: 4-6 hours per month, six months

The student alumni are able to sign up for the course called Become a Leader, our “train the trainers” course. After finishing the course and following one or two sessions as a trainee, they will be given the opportunity to give back to their community and continue their growth journey as a team leader. Our team leaders are all alumni working as domestic workers and volunteering during their time off to support their peers in their Prepare for the Future programme.

2. How do I learn?

Only an internet connection is needed to participate (plus a notebook and a pen). Accessible via a simple smartphone or laptop.

3. When does learning commence?

Course dates are announced on our Facebook Page.  It is 100% flexible. Students can participate whenever suits, during the week and there are no scheduled meetings.

Registered students need to join with our Facebook Chatbot here.  

4. Where is it located?

It’s 100% online, we do encourage  students to join optional gatherings during days off to meet classmates “in real life”. Its a great way to make friends and discuss lessons!

5. Do participants need to be fluent in English?

No, basic English is sufficient. This course will also help improve English skills!

6. What if i need help?

All the lessons take place within an online classroom, but, students don’t study alone. A team leader, who is a domestic worker herself, will invite new students to join a Facebook Messenger Group Chat. The class interact and participate together, led by the team leader who has completed the course herself.

7. Will I earn a certificate?

Yes! At the end of each module,  a certificate of completion is issued.  Although this is not an official educational certification, accreditation or diplomas, its something to be very proud of!

8. What do others say?

I joined Uplifters out of curiosity but it changed me in many positive ways. I was struggling to save money before and I didn’t know how to manage my money. I am sure that if I didn’t join Uplifters, I still wouldn’t be able to save and I‘d never achieve my personal goals. My dream is to save for my retirement and I’ve already started saving for it. I’ve joined other classes before and they’re almost the same but Uplifters has had the most positive impact on me as I was able to put my learnings into action. – Catherine A. Domestic Worker

Before Uplifters, I was easily discouraged and thought I was not brave enough to face life. However one story from the Dare to Dream course inspired me to stop listening to negative criticism from other people. The course helped me learn how to manage my money well and say no to people in a nice way. The courses of Uplifters differ from other classes because they really helped me to be motivated in pursuing my goals. – Frieda P. Domestic Worker

I came to Hong Kong two years ago to escape a toxic relationship with my husband. Uplifters is not just about money management but also personal development and empowerment. I am little by little reaching my objective to make myself complete again as an independent woman. – Jhoan E. Domestic Worker


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