Money management and personal growth

Our free money management and personal growth program includes 3 modules and lasts for one year.

Module 1 – DARE TO DREAM – 3 WEEKS
  • Learn the best techniques scientifically proven to live a happier life and increase your well-being.
  • Prepare for the future. Set financial goals and learn how to manage money efficiently. Make budget and record expenses in order to increase savings.
  • Develop communications skills and learn how to say no to money requests.
  • Understand loans and make better investments. Learn how to detect scams.
  • And last but not least, participants will be pushed to act now! Because change is not something to learn but to experiment.

Estimated workload: 4 – 6 hours per week.


For students who completed our Module 1 “Dare to Dream.”

  • Continue to learn emotional intelligence and time management skills to live a happier life.
  • Keep track monthly of progress to reach your long term financial and personal goals.
  • Learn best motivational techniques.

Estimated workload: 4-6 hours per month


For students who completed our Module 1 “Dare to Dream” and are activley engaged in our Module 2 “Make it Happen”.

  • Develop leadership skills to manage better one’s life and relationships with relatives.
  • Improve communications with others to avoid misunderstandings.
  • Become an Uplifters team leader and facilitate class chats of “Dare to Dream” sessions.

Estimated workload: 4 hours per week


Marie Kretz Di Meglio – MSc in Business Management, BSc in Psychology – More than 7 years experience in education including as a School Director of a distance learning centre in France ( 10 000 students per year).

With the in-kind support and expertise of Care Consulting. Care Consulting provides coaching and training to individuals and companies.


Only an internet connection is needed to participate (plus a notebook and a pen). Accessible via a simple smartphone.


Dates announced on our Facebook Page. 100% flexible. Students can participate whenever they want during the week, there is no meeting at a given time.


Where is it located? It’s 100% online, meaning participantss can do it from wherever they  want. They will be encourage to participate optional students gatherings during days off to meet classmates “in real life”.

Do participants need to be fluent in English? No, basic English is sufficient. This course will also help  improve English skills!

Do participants study alone? All the lessons are in the online classroom. But, participants don’t study alone. A team leader, a domestic worker herself, will invite them to join a Facebook Messenger Group Chat where they  interact with other students.

Can participants get a certificate? Yes, at the end of each module, they can get a certificate of completion provided they meet our requirements. Uplifters does not provide official educational certification, accreditation or diplomas recognized by the relevant authorities.


Participants need to join with our Facebook Chatbot here.


“This class has a lot of challenges that we must do. It makes us practice change in daily life. I loved the challenges.” H., Indonesian domestic worker.

“I’ve been working abroad for 7 years and I admit I did not spend my salary wisely. It’s my first time learning how to plan and budget. It changes my life. I am so grateful.” M., Filipina domestic worker.

“I find the class is giving us a positive mindset and determination to achieve our goals.” N., Sri Lankan ex-domestic worker.

“I find that I am smarter and more educated than before.” K., Myanmar domestic worker.

“It made me more inspired, motivated and helped me plan to make my dreams come true.” S., Indonesian domestic worker.

“I have more knowledge. I learned how to make better investments and think about their risks, avoid loans because it brings you too much burden, manage my finances and make a budget and a plan.” W., Filipina domestic worker.

“I am more positive about the future and thanks to the morning ritual I have more energy to move forward.” H., Indonesian domestic worker.

“I learnt how to be happier and appreciate the little joys of life.” J., Filipina domestic worker

“It made me stick to my dream”. I., Filipina domestic worker, Singapore.