Welcome! We are a nonprofit organization providing online education to migrant domestic workers.

About us

Our mission: empowering migrant domestic workers through online education.

Despite working abroad far from their families and children, most domestic workers do not lift themselves out of poverty. They face tremendous financial pressure. They need education to prepare for the future and avoid falling into a debt spiral or becoming victim of investment scams.

Employers rely heavily on their domestic worker and may struggle to find one with adequate professional skills. They legitimately want a reliable and stable domestic worker to take care of their household and loved ones.

We make education for migrant domestic workers more accessible. We want to help them make the most of their time abroad, plan and save for the future while developing their personal and professional skills. We believe in women empowerment to eradicate poverty, in education to change people’s lives and in community-based projects.

Our programs

Our courses are accessible with a simple smartphone. They are created by experts in their fields and we follow the best online teaching practices.

We provide free life skills courses and are currently creating vocational paid courses.

Our free money management and personal growth program

  • Module 1 – Dare to Dream: 3-week course to prepare for the future, learn money management (budget, save, understand and avoid loans and investment scams), develop a positive mindset and communication skills and build self-confidence.
  • Module 2- Make it Happen: for students who have completed “Dare to Dream”- 1 year coaching course to help them reach their financial and personal goals.
  • Module 3 – Become a Leader: for students who have completed “Dare to Dream” and are actively engaged in “Make it Happen” – 2-week course to develop leadership skills and become an Uplifters team leader for “Dare to Dream” participants.

Read more about our free life skills courses here.

How to join:  domestic workers just have to private message our Facebook page! As an employer, you can recommend her to join our Facebook Group for domestic workers where she will get all the information about our courses and additional tips and advice to make the most of her time abroad. Link: https://www.facebook.com/groups/morethanjustamaid/


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For instance, with only 500 HKD (64 USD or $88 SGD)  you can sponsor 1 student in our full empowerment program: “Dare to Dream” (3 weeks), “Make it Happen” (1 year coaching program with 1 monthly session), and “Become a leader” (2 weeks). This domestic worker will be then able to facilitate online class chats of students  and empower her own community. Multiplier effect: up to 100 students trained per year. By ripple effect, it will also impact up to 2000 people. Our students share what they learn with friends and relatives and create small businesses that will provide jobs to their communities.

More information about donations here.


There are many other ways to support us, as a company or an individual:

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  • organizing events with us or inviting us to talks
  • connecting us with potential supporters

Don’t forget to like our Facebook Page.  If you employ yourself a domestic worker, join our Facebook Group “Support for employers of domestic workers”. You can ask your questions in a safe, non-judgemental environment and get advice about hiring, training and managing a domestic worker. Join Group.

Our impact


Uplifters was started in October 2017 and officially launched in March 2018. As of 1st October 2018, more than 120 domestic workers benefited from our free money management and personal growth program. The program is fully operational since August 2018 and we now start new sessions at the beginning of each month (60 to 100 students per session). So far, our results are very satisfactory:

  • More than 80% completion ratio (compared with 3 to 5% on average for online courses on platforms like Coursera and Edx)
  • Excellent word of mouth with 100% satisfaction and recommendation rate
  • 100% students gained confidence in managing their money and saying to money requests
  • 100% students feel they acquired tools to live a happier life
  • More than 20 alumni students trained as volunteer team leaders to facilitate our free life skills courses’ class chats.

“This class has a lot of challenges that we must do. It makes us practice change in daily life. I loved the challenges.” H., Indonesian domestic worker.

“I’ve been working abroad for 7 years and I admit I did not spend my salary wisely. It’s my first time learning how to plan and budget. It changes my life. I am so grateful.” M., Filipina domestic worker.

“I find the class is giving us a positive mindset and determination to achieve our goals.” N., Sri Lankan ex-domestic worker.

“I find that I am smarter and more educated than before.” K., Myanmar domestic worker.

“It made me more inspired, motivated and helped me plan to make my dreams come true.” S., Indonesian domestic worker.

“I have more knowledge. I learned how to make better investments and think about their risks, avoid loans because it brings you too much burden, manage my finances and make a budget and a plan.” W., Filipina domestic worker.

“I am more positive about the future and thanks to the morning ritual I have more energy to move forward.” H., Indonesian domestic worker.

“I learnt how to be happier and appreciate the little joys of life.” J., Filipina domestic worker

“It made me stick to my dream”. I., Filipina domestic worker, Singapore.