Why we exist

A frightening reality awaits the millions of migrant domestic workers in South-East Asia and the Middle East.

Predominantly women coming from the Philippines, Indonesia, India, Sri-Lanka and Myanmar, they migrate for financial reasons, to provide a better future for themselves, their families and children that they have to leave behind.

Most of them fail to make their migration successful and even return home worse off than they arrived.

They are victims of unethical migration corridors, precarious jobs and experience high financial pressure from their relatives back home.

These challenges are compounded by little financial education that makes them prone to falling into vicious debt-cycles and investment scams. In the end, in spite of many years working abroad, very few manage to save and invest in productive assets

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The debt cycle migrant domestic workers are caught in


Average fees charged by agencies during the recruitment process

6 to 8

Months on average to repay recruitment debts. Late payments may result in harassment from loan sharks.


Of new Uplifters students (before joining our programmes) usually had to take a loan when new expenses occurred


Average amount of salary sent home to support their family every month (after debts being repaid)


Less than 5% returned home because their financial objectives had been reached (i.e. they had “earned enough money”).

*Source: Seefar 2019 

How can we help make migration successful?

That was the question that prompted us to start Uplifters in 2018.

Our aim is to provide a solution at scale to this regional economic and social issue and make migrant domestic workers’ sacrifices working abroad far from home worth it. We saw a gap in the existing initiatives, migrant domestic workers are lacking the support and education to have a successful migration on their time and their way. So we stepped in and launched an online programme that allows our students to have the education they need, how they want it.

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