What we do

We enable migrant domestic workers to transform their lives by harnessing the combined power of online education and community support, by improving their life skills and their vocational skills — helping make migration successful.

Our core services combine technology with human warmth to enable personal growth.

Our signature programme ‘Prepare for the Future’ consists of money management, personal development and mental health online courses to enable migrant domestic workers to plan their financial goals, manage their money better and increase their mental well-being.

We believe supporting migrant domestic workers goes hand in hand with supporting their employers. We help local employers to help build healthy and successful working relationships with their domestic workers.

Global Reach with students in Hong Kong, Singapore, and the Middle East
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Enrolled in our core programme ‘Prepare for the Future’ since 2018
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(1) Online Facebook community ‘Uplift Your Life’
(2) 1,132 respondents, enrolled in our ‘Prepare for the Future’ programme in 2021

What's makes us different

Uplifters is a 100% community-led organisation.

Our students join online class chats which provides them a unique opportunity to connect with their classmates in real time.These discussions are facilitated by volunteer alumni domestic workers who went through a training program. Our online class chats provide a built in support system for students who might feel alone and provides mentors as leaders. Peer support is making our programmes both scalable and also impactful.

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