Our Mission

Our mission is to enable migrant domestic workers in South-
East Asia and the Middle East to make their migration successful by unleashing the combined power of online education and community support through innovative and scalable solutions.

Our vision

We envision a world where every person - regardless of their background or circumstance - can shape and uplift their lives.

Our values

We EmPoWer


Enablement is the core of all we do. We strive to give a fulfilling experience to all our participants regardless of their background and create a global movement of Uplifters, people willing to uplift others’ lives but also to learn and grow personally.


We concentrate on the positive and promote a can-do attitude without denying the difficulties of the situations our participants face. We don’t victimise our participants and work to shift the narratives around underprivileged communities.


We bring people together. We give our participants a sense of belonging, a family far from home and the assurance that they matter. In a nutshell, we care.

Our core principles

Human-centric and community-led

We believe that people often know themselves better what they need and tend to care more about the things they’re able to contribute to. Our community-led model involves participants from programme design to delivery. We train alumni to support new students through their courses. Participants learn from and motivate one another, hence fostering long-term learning and behaviour change.

Data-driven and scalability

We measure what we do to continuously improve and increase our impact. Our ultimate goal is to give our efforts the potential to have a significant impact on a maximum number of people – and as such combine depth and breadth. As a social initiative, our return on investment is impact. We know that random decisions produce random results. We have a robust impact measurement system allowing our decisions to be evidence-based.


We collaborate with partners to fill the missing middle and create systemic change. The challenges faced by migrant domestic workers are complex. Some of these challenges are being addressed by civil society organisations whose actions have already proved successful. We therefore don’t want to reinvent the wheel but offer innovative solutions to address gaps in the existing systems.

Integrity and accountability

We work and grow according to the values we promote. Transparency, respect and honesty are key in our interactions with our beneficiaries, partners and within our team. We work independently from financial institutions and we do not sell or promote any financial products as part of our programmes.

Sustainability and cost-efficiency

We’ve built an integrated approach to fundraising and ensure efficient monitoring of funds. Our programmes are all run sustainably and ensure the costs are fully secured. Since our work is technologically driven, we develop cost-efficient programmes with small variable costs.

Make a donation

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