About us

Credit: Marine Pitto

Why we exist

Our current focus is on migrant domestic workers, many of whom despite many years working abroad far from their families and children, continue to exist in poverty.

Our ambition is to provide a solution at scale to this regional economic and social issue and make their sacrifices working abroad far from home worth it. 

What we do

Our mission is to enable migrant domestic workers to transform their lives by unleashing the combined power of online education and community support – and as such make migration successful. 

We do so by improving their life skills and their vocational skills. We also work to support local employers to build healthy win-win work relationships with their domestic workers.

What’s unique about us is that Uplifters is a truly community-based organisation. Our students join online class chats to discuss the lessons with their peers. These discussions are facilitated by volunteer alumni domestic workers who went through a training program. Not only does it make the content more relevant to participants, but it also shows participants role models of what can be achieved and therefore increases the chance that the knowledge they gain is transformed into action. The peer support is making our programs both scalable (without significantly increasing costs) and also impactful.