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Our solution is scalable for the region and has the potential to be tailored to other disadvantaged groups.

Offer accessible and quality online education

Giving access to education

Uploading some content online is not enough to truly reach out to underprivileged communities. We have to overcome accessibility and flexibility issues and design online educational tools suited to their unique situations. Our courses are self-paced with asynchronous interactions. Participants can connect from their mobile phones when they have availability. Our programmes are easy to use through social media our participants already use on a daily basis (Facebook Messenger, Whatsapp etc. and are accessible without WiFi, no high bandwidth required.


To amplify the reach of our education work, we also run monthly educational campaigns on our social media.


online community members having access to social media education campaigns(1)


Total Online Reach of our social media education campaigns in 2021


enrolled in our core programme ‘Prepare for the Future’ since 2018


satisfaction ratio(2)

Empowering with financial and mental well-being education, fostering good habits for a better future

Our programme’s design incorporates cognitive and behavioural psychological findings to foster learning and long-term behaviour change.

It also takes more than good money management habits to lift people out of poverty. We believe in a holistic approach to education, addressing the person as a whole. Hence our programmes include personal development and mental well-being education.


Increase in confidence in managing finances well (3)


Have now or are building emergency savings (3)


Now save money compared with only 43% before (3)


Increase in confidence to handle money requests from friends and family(3)


Say Uplifters made a major difference in their lives(2)

Feeling happier and rating their general feeling of happiness about their lives 9 out of 10 vs 7 before(3)

Equipping with better skills to meet employers’ expectations

To enable a successful migration for domestic workers a symbiotic relationship between employer and employee is paramount. Our aim is to ensure domestic workers are equipped with the skills needed to meet their employers needs and that employers provide decent work to their domestic workers. Our ‘Baby Care online’ has a unique dual-access for employers and their domestic workers and we also provide ad-hoc resources and modules to employers to help them create positive working relationhips with their domestic workers.


of domestic workers who participated in our ‘Baby Care’ course think they now have good knowledge and skills related to baby care compared with 61% before the course.(4)


feel they know their employers’ expectations related to baby care compared with 67% before. (4)

Foster peer-coaching and community support at scale

Creating community leaders supporting their peers at Uplifters and beyond

Training alumni to support their peers makes it possible to deliver our programmes with the highest impact. It also creates positive ripple effects as some of the participants become community leaders beyond the scope of Uplifters and go on to create new grassroot initiatives. Most migrant domestic workers are unlikely to access available services due to lack of confidence and fear of stigma (Seefar, 2019). They are more likely to reach out to fellow domestic workers hence the importance of training community leaders.


‘Prepare for the Future’ Alumni volunteering as Team Leaders to support their peers in our programmes


Hours volunteered yearly on average by 1 Team Leader


Of our students complete our signature course ‘Dare to Dream’ thanks to their peers’ support (10 times more than industry standard)


Of our Team Leaders feel they have benefited personally A LOT from the programme (2021 Team Leader Annual Survey)

Creating a supportive online community

Our 14K online community members on the Facebook Group Uplift Your Life support each other on a daily basis and share useful information to make the most of their time abroad and overcome the challenges they face.


Posts in 2021


Reactions in 2021

Bring positive change in society

Migrant Domestic Workers contribute massively to our economies and societies. To highlight their contribution and make our societies more inclusive, Uplifters participates to joint initiatives with organisations working with Migrant Domestic Workers and also engages with corporations. We are especially proud of our contribution to the work done by the MDW Coalition in Hong Kong. To know more visit: https://hongkongcares.org/

(1) Online Facebook community Uplift Your Life
(2) 1,132 respondents, enrolled in our ‘Prepare for the Future’ programme in 2021
(3) 35 respondents, domestic workers enrolled in our signature programme ‘Prepare for the Future’ in 2021. We compared their answers before taking the module 1 of the programme ‘Dare to Dream’ and 6 months after completing it.

We continuously measure what we do to improve and increase our impact.

As a social initiative, our return on investment is our impact. We’ve built a robust impact measurement system allowing our decisions to be evidence-based. We believe monitoring and evaluation is essential to operations management and should be designed in a way that allows constant reflection, learning and improvement. To do so, we use both quantitative and qualitative tools. Our ultimate goal is to have a significant impact on a maximum number of people – and as such combine depth and breadth.

To date, we have welcomed participants from Hong Kong, Singapore, and by word of mouth we have reached domestic workers in the Middle East.

Our students Are making their dreams come true

Our students all have something in common: their passion to make change happen in their lives.

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