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Community Building Officer

Full-time permanent contract – Bahasa Indonesia native speaker required. Full English proficiency. Your role: build…

How we work

Guaranteeing an uplifting work environment is crucial to us and we look for people to share our values and mindset. Namely:


  • You ensure your teammates feel trusted and supported to do their best.
  • You create a safe space, which is encouraging, non-judgmental and honest. This enables people to take initiative and risks.
  • You keep developing professionally and personally. As your own “cheerleader” you seize learning opportunities. Read, take a class, attend a conference… and share with the team!
  • Stay positive! Acknowledge hurdles and work to overcome them.
  • Share successes, even the smallest ones.
  • Look back at your past achievements and leverage your strengths. 
  • You give honest and constructive feedback to your teammates, always in a kind and supportive manner.



  • You look after your teammates. Bring them soup when they’re sick & celebrate life’s little joys.
  • Make sure your teammates feel safe to bring their true selves to work.
  • You apologise when you realise your remarks may have been perceived as offensive, even if that was not your intention.
  • Life is too short for work to just work. There is always room for fun and spontaneity.
  • To sum up, you are kind and benevolent. There is no tolerance here for misplaced ego and toxic work relationships.

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