Online programme for domestic workers

Peer Leadership

Uplifters is a community-led organisation. We involve participants from programme design to delivery. As such, our peer leadership programme is a key component of our services.

Why does this programme exist?

Deliver our programmes with the highest impact possible.

Training alumni to support their peers makes it possible to deliver our programmes with the highest impact possible.Our new participants join online class chats to discuss the lessons with their peers. These discussions are facilitated by ‘Team Leaders’, volunteer alumni domestic workers who went through our ‘Peer Leadership’ programme.

Not only does it make participants more likely to complete the courses, but it also presents role models of what can be achieved, increasing the chances that the knowledge they gain is transformed into action.

Positive ripple effects

Our ‘Peer Leadership' programme also has positive ripple effects as some of the participants become community leaders beyond the scope of Uplifters and go on to create new grassroot initiatives. Most migrant domestic workers are unlikely to access currently available services due to lack of confidence and fear of stigma (Seefar, 2019). They are more likely to reach out to fellow domestic workers highlighting the importance of training community leaders.

Our Peer Leadership programme consists in:

  • ‘Become a Leader’ online course: a 2-week ‘Train the Trainers’ online course accessible to alumni of Uplifters programme ‘Prepare for the Future’.
  • A 2-month traineeship: participants who completed ‘Become a Leader’ are invited to co-facilitate ‘Prepare for the Future’ sessions with a more experienced Team Leader.
  • For the most experienced ones: opportunity to apply to become an Uplifters Mentor. Mentors train and supervise our Team Leaders.
  • Yearly webinar at Uplifters to further their training. Mentors also benefit from a Mental Health First Aid course through an accredited organisation. 
  • Ongoing additional ad-hoc training opportunities with partners, invitation to ‘fun’ events and rewards for all active Team Leaders and Mentors. Our Team Leaders and Mentors also receive a weekly newsletter on what’s happening at Uplifters and are invited to a yearly Appreciation Ceremony where their contribution is acknowledged.



Alumni volunteering as Team Leaders to support their peers in our programmes (as of Dec 2021).

75 h

volunteered yearly on average by 1 Team Leader


of our Team Leaders feel they have benefited personally A LOT from the programme (2021, annual survey)


“I became a Team Leader to inspire fellow domestic workers. I see myself when they share their hopes and struggles. I encourage them to believe that when you truly want something and go after it, without limiting yourself with disbelief, the universe will make it happen. I feel very grateful and blessed to be part of Uplifters’ community because I also found my purpose in life. If I can change myself, I can help other people too.”

Aljen D. - Filipina - working as a domestic worker in Hong Kong

“As one of Uplifters’ team leaders, I am grateful for the opportunity to support my fellow domestic workers, some of whom have become my close friends. I am happy to be part of a community that empowers each other.”

Eni, Indonesian - working as a domestic worker in Singapore

I wanted to become a Mentor because it’s my way of saying thank you to Uplifters for the knowledge and guidance that makes me financially stable, become a positive thinker and become more confident about myself. Also, helping others is my passion and it’s very fulfilling to the soul. I do believe in paying the good deeds forward.

Evelyn O., Filipina - working as a domestic worker in Singapore

I enjoy being a Team Leader, especially when my team reaches out to me and expresses their gratitude. I am always grateful whenever they trust me with their personal experiences. I love to read every sharing they had and listen to their stories whenever we had a chance to call or meet up in person.

Ailenmae R., Uplifters Mentor, Filipina - working as a domestic worker in Hong Kong