Our Advisers

Our advisors volunteer their time to ensure the quality of our online courses, contribute to refining our strategy, speak and facilitate workshops during Facebook Lives and Team Seminars, share knowledge and guidance on our Facebook community group Uplift Your Life and much more!

Our Financial Literacy Advisers

Tara Aboud, Investment banker
Victoria Amanda Junaedi, Consulting Associate
Alessandro Meccheri, Financial planner
Abinov Moza, Consultant
Michael Gilmore, Research Director
Sharon Sidhu, Founder of Two Point Zero
Lee Faulkner, Founder of Don’t Sell To Me
Kaustav Chaudhuri, Trader

Bonny Chan

Chao Xiang Chong, Financial Analyst

Our Personal Growth & Leadership Advisers

Sophie Alballain, Leadership coach and CEO at Alballain Conseil
Christine Cheong, Executive Coach and Corporate Facilitator
Nerice Gietel, Founder & Certified Executive Coach at The Career Lounge
Valerie Hotton, Co-Founder of Care Consulting
Charlotte Sutton-Dockreay, Founder of Infinite Potential, NLP Trainer and Master Coach
Mônica Zionede Hall, Founder and Managing Director of FELIZ Consulting
Richelle van Slobbe, Seasoned Learning Professional, Facilitator and Coach
Don Hatch, Coach and mentor, Head of Operations for a Startup Incubator

Our Mental Health Advisers

Valencia Myint, Counsellor and Founder of Confide In