Organisations providing healthcare services

Hong Kong

The Hospital Authority manages public hospitals and institutions and specialist out-patient and general out-patient clinics. A map and listing of all hospitals in Hong Kong can be found here.

The Hong Kong Breast Cancer Foundation Breast Health Centre provides a free breast cancer screening programme to women over 40. 

Phone number: +852 3143 7333

Government Dental Clinics:  These clinics have general public sessions providing emergency dental service, which is limited to pain relief & extraction.

Other dental clinics in Hong Kong: 

Dentists in Hong Kong – ADMedLink

Quality HealthCare Dental Care

Crowdsourced resource of dental clinics by Domestic Workers Corner (Facebook domestic workers’’ community)


Healthserve provides health services and support for migrant workers including migrant domestic workers. They also offer subsidized health services to injured migrant workers not receiving health assistance from their employers. They offer general medical services as well as dermatology, orthopaedic, occupational and physical therapy, and dental services. 

Migrant domestic workers can attend Healthserve medical clinics.
Call first at: +65 9487 1377