Why hoping for the best and working hard is not enough…

Why hoping for the best and working hard is not enough…

This is the story of two tourists, Hope and Plan. There are in Paris for only one day. They are so excited to see the Eiffel Tower but they have no map of Paris.

Hope is sure that she can find the Eiffel Tower easily. It’s so big, right? So, she just comes out of the hotel early in the morning and starts walking.

Plan also knows that she can walk for long hours. But it’s her only day in Paris, she wants to make sure to reach the Eiffel Tower! So, she takes the time first to ask for a map at the reception and to understand directions.

At the end of the day, Hope has been walking for 10 hours. At each crossroad, she was hoping to find the Eiffel Tower but she was always disappointed. She is exhausted.

Plan got a bit lost in the train, the road was longer than she thought but thanks to her map she finally reached the Eiffel Tower. She spent the rest of her day there, enjoying the beautiful view and taking pictures.

And you, what do you do in the city of life? Hope and work hard? Or hope, work hard and make a plan?

17 Replies to “Why hoping for the best and working hard is not enough…”

  1. In the city of life, we must put together plan and hope work hard to reach of what we are aiming for, In working hard with all the plans do not lost hope for sure you will never go astray.

  2. We need hope as a fire to push us forward then the desire to work hard will be born and plan will bring us to our destination.

  3. It’s true that each of has hopes for a better destination. Needless to say, we all wants a better life. In the city of life, I hope, I plan and work hard and along the way, learn and be thankful to each and every challenges that went along.

  4. Hop for sure can get my dream come true
    Plan know that can make sure to reach my dream
    Hop has been im working hard,
    Plan got some difikull time and matter
    Even was longer i strungle , finally i can reach my dream come true, and enjoying with family without worry anything and happy in the and.

  5. Before we start to do something in our lives we need to make a proper plan so that we hope to get thru our dream come true

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