“More than just a maid”, get inspired by these success stories of migrant domestic workers

You will find here links to articles and videos featuring migrant domestic workers who prove by their passions and realizations that being a domestic worker is just a job and does not define who you are! You too, start dreaming and building yourself a better future!

Domestic workers and … athletes

Liza Avelino, Filipina, a domestic worker in Hong Kong but also a mountain climber and motivational speaker


Jannah Pascua, Filipina, a domestic worker in Singapore but also an athlete, marathoner and fundraiser for charities


Aleli and her team “Maid of Heart and Sole”, domestic workers in Hong Kong who ran a 100km ultra-trail


Domestic workers and… artists

Xyza Cruz Bacani, Filipina, an ex-domestic worker in Hong Kong, now a world-known photographer

Joan Pabona, a domestic worker in Hong Kong who won 2nd place at a National Geographic Photo Contest


Leeh Ann, Filipina, a domestic worker in Hong Kong and also a photographer



Rolinda Espanola, a domestic worker in Singapore, also poet and photographer


Domestic workers and… entrepreneurs…

Nilushika, Sri-Lankan, an ex-domestic worker in Singapore, entrepreneur and charity founder

Rebecca Bustamante, Filipina, ex-domestic worker in Singapore, now CEO

Rebecca Bustamante: The maid who made it

DOMESTIC HELPER BECOME CEO – The Rebecca Bustamante Story

Nova Fossgard, Filipina, an ex-domestic worker, now the owner of a college in England


Irawati, Indonesian, a domestic worker in Singapore and bakery owner

Irawati’s Dream: A Success Story of Perseverance and Passion

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  1. Very good examples..and very inspiring for myself.
    I know we need to work hard, success is not easy.

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