We are very proud of our students who completed “Dare to Dream'”, Uplifters 3-week free online course on money management and personal growth.

Liezel Fernandez Marcos is one of the graduates of our May 2020 batch. She is from the Philippines and a proud mother to two children. Before coming to Hong Kong, she worked in a daycare centre in her hometown. She loves children and enjoyed teaching.

Read more about her in this interview.

What prompted you to join the course?

I was scrolling on Facebook when I read about Uplifters. I was interested in their free online class and sent a message to sign up.

Why did you join?

I felt so down and depressed. I have no savings in my account. I carried so much burden in my life. I wanted a change so I enrolled in Uplifters’ 3-week online class about money management and personal growth.

How do you feel now?

I feel better and wiser. Dare to Dream challenged me and changed my mindset on personal growth and managing my money wisely. I am more confident now. New doors are opening for me to grow. One is the Horizons Facebook group which helps me to bring back my love for writing poems. Uplifters’ team leader Ody Munson inspired and motivated me a lot. My fellow Uplifters’ alumni Naicy Wordstring invited me to participate in a Facebook group called Daily Life in Covid-19 and I’m so grateful to accept this. It’s a community of migrant workers where we share our thoughts and activities during Covid-19. I have also started reading uplifting books instead of sitting down and thinking about my problems. I watch videos of motivational speaker Jay Shetty which helps motivate me. I attend church regularly to nourish my spiritual needs.

How are you going to make sure to put into practice what you just learned?

I have a notebook where I write all the lessons I have learned. I am making a budget so that I can monitor and keep track of where my salary goes. I posted my dream board on my wall to keep me motivated. I am practising the morning and evening rituals to start and end my day on a positive note.

What is your message for fellow migrant domestic workers who hesitate to join?

For my fellow migrant workers, just give it a try. Join Uplifters and enrol in our free online class. You don’t need to pay anything so grab this opportunity to use your free time to study. I assure you that you will fall in love with this course. It’s a big help not only to yourself but also to your whole family. I am so grateful I found a family-like Uplifters. I have invited my friends to join so that they too can benefit from the course. I would like to share my favourite quote with all of you. “A journey of a thousand miles between with a single step.”