“I decided to work abroad because of bad past circumstances. The setbacks and failures I have experienced gave me the courage to work abroad. This decision gave me hope and confidence that I can change my life and have a better future.”

Aljen dela Cruz is one of our newest Gold Team Leaders. Our Gold Team Leaders have already facilitated five sessions of our three week online course ‘Dare to Dream’ on money management and personal growth. From being unsure of how to pursue her goals, she learned how to plan well and manage her finances. But, most of all, she learned the importance of believing in her capabilities.

Here is an excerpt from her interview:

“When I learned Uplifters teaches personal development skills, it caught my attention because I was already trying to work on changing my perspectives about life. I used to procrastinate and felt scared to make decisions. I relied on other people’s opinions.

After taking the course, I became more persistent at working hard towards my goals. I have the self-discipline to grow my savings and track my expenses. I am not afraid to take risks and make my own decisions. As a result, I am more aware and sure of what I want. For this reason, I became a Team Leader to inspire fellow domestic workers. I see myself when they share their hopes and struggles. I encourage them to believe that when you truly want something and go after it, without limiting yourself with disbelief, the universe will make it happen.”

I feel very grateful and blessed to be part of Uplifters’ community because I also found my purpose in life. If I can change myself, I can help other people too.”