” I joined Dare to Dream because I am interested in learning about personal growth. For me, developing oneself has always been very important but I did not have a clear idea of how to start.

I am happy I took the online course because it taught me the importance of being more thrifty and wise when spending money. Before, I did not know how to say no to my family. Whatever and whenever they ask, I will try my best to give it to them. But now, I have learned to value and save for myself first. If I have to pick an image to illustrate my life before Uplifters and my life after having done Uplifters, I would choose the butterfly because I found that the longer I stay in the community, the more I learn and grow beautifully.

Being a Gold Team Leader helped me become a better and happier person. At first, it was very challenging for me because I am an introvert and I am not confident to interact with other people. Having supported fellow domestic workers over five sessions of our Dare to Dream course gave me more courage and confidence to empower more migrant workers to reach their full potential.” – Rosemarie Aquino, Uplifters’ Gold Team Leader. She has supported five sessions of our three week online course ‘Dare to Dream’ on money management, mental well-being and personal growth.