We are happy to feature Giorgetti Sambas , one of Uplifters’ Gold Team Leaders. Our Gold team leaders have facilitated more than five sessions of ‘Dare to Dream,’ our 3-week free online money management, mental well-being and personal development course.

“I immediately joined Uplifters when my friend told me about it. We had graduated from the same face to face financial education program from another NGO before. I felt that I could still benefit from more support by keeping up with my savings and self-discipline. I was excited and nervous as it was my first time doing an online class. I was planning to back out as I am shy and introverted and thought it was similar to virtual teaching where I have to face my mentor on video. I was very much relieved to learn that it wasn’t like that. I enjoyed studying when it was convenient for me. However, I felt that the three-week online course wasn’t enough for me to help me reach my goals so I did the Uplifters’ six-month Make It Happen online course. I loved the monthly lessons that I received from Robot Joy! I was always looking forward to receiving them. I remember one of the lessons that I completed was the bracelet challenge, where I changed my bracelet from my wrist each time I broke the new habit I was trying to follow. If you manage to keep the bracelet on the same wrist for one month, you can give yourself a small reward.

Then I decided to become an Uplifters’ Team Leader. It gives me the chance to study the material again and practice what I have learned. Being a Team Leader helps me learn from others and stay on track with my goals. As a Team Leader I’ve learned to be more understanding and flexible. Thank you, Uplifters for this opportunity.”