Today we turn the spotlight on Aim Myra Doguiles, Uplifters’ Gold Team Leader.
Our Gold Team Leaders have facilitated five sessions of our free three-week online course Dare to Dream on money management and personal growth.

“I joined Uplifters two years ago. At that time I had a big question in my mind. I was already working abroad for nine years but I didn’t have anything to show for it. I did not have a house, an emergency fund, nor savings. My only achievement was sending my children to school. I asked myself why and pondered what I have accomplished during the years I have worked abroad. Because I was alone and apart from my family, I realized I should make a change. While scrolling through Facebook, I saw an organization here in Hong Kong called Uplifters and I decided to join the online course on money management called ‘Dare to Dream.’ It was awesome and I found the answer to my questions and it really helped motivate me. Now I am applying the things I have learned to my life and I am slowly achieving my dream goals.

What I like about being a Team Leader is I am able to do something positive for my fellow domestic workers. I am conscientious and I enjoy the challenges of managing my teams and seeing them complete their lessons and motivating them to do their best. I have a responsibility to communicate team goals and provide guidance and leadership to my team so that they can achieve their goals. Being a Team Leader is my way of giving back, reaching out and sharing the joy I found in Uplifters. I will be forever thankful and continue to share what I have learned. Uplifters taught me a lot and I’m forever grateful to Uplifters.”