Rema Tabangcura is one of Uplifters’ Gold Team Leaders. She is a mother of two boys and has  been working in Singapore as a domestic worker for almost ten years. 

“I got married at an early age and did not finish my studies but I was determined to give my children a better future and working abroad was the only way I knew to do so. Even though I did not finish my secondary education, I tried my best and mustered up my courage to apply for a job. 

When I saw a Facebook post about Uplifters, I quickly enrolled. I was hungry for knowledge and wanted to improve my life. Although I had been working for many years, I did not have any savings at all. I did not know anything about budgeting and managing my finances. I used to spend money on unnecessary things and could not differentiate my wants from my needs. 

After finishing the Dare to Dream course, I was transformed. I now have the courage to say no and I am gradually building my confidence. Uplifters taught me to focus on my goals and the reason why I am working abroad. It taught me the value of self-discipline in managing my hard-earned money. I have built my emergency fund and continue to save and track my money. It helped me to believe in myself and my abilities. I was too shy and did not know how to express myself. Now I am a member of the Migrant Writers of Singapore. We enjoy attending literary workshops and developing our talents together. 

Being a team leader is challenging and fulfilling at the same time. When we learn from each other, I can not help but be grateful. Everyone shows compassion to each other. Challenges are not obstacles. Instead, they are part of our journey. All hardships we have been through are not meant to hurt us but to teach us and no matter what happens, there is always a reason behind it. We should be patient. 

My outlook on life has completely changed. Thank you to Uplifters.