Full-time permanent contract – Bahasa Indonesia native speaker required. Full English proficiency.

Your role: build a vibrant and positive community to support our NGO’s mission and enable migrant domestic workers to make their migration successful.

Hong Kong or Singapore, flexi-work policy. You will report directly to the Head of Marketing and Development.

Uplifters is a Hong Kong-based non-profit organisation dedicated to empowering underprivileged communities with online education and peer coaching.

Our core services combine technology with human warmth to enable personal growth. Since our establishment, more than 6,000 domestic workers have enrolled in our signature program.

We are a non-profit, and we are also a start-up. You will have full ownership of your projects and a chance to contribute to an ambitious mission to scale access to education and create systemic change.

What will you do?

Uplifters is a community-led organisation, so community building is in our DNA. You will work directly with the Head of Marketing and Development to initiate and implement outreach and community building initiatives for three different audiences.

1. Community of migrant domestic workers. This is your main target audience.

  • Participate, create and monitor our paid-advertising campaigns and implement our marketing strategy (leverage for example our viral marketing platform and boost students’ referrals)
  • Curate and create content for our social media with an emphasis on our Public Facebook group ‘Uplift Your Life’. Responsibilities include organising Facebook Lives and facilitating some of them with members of our community in the evenings. It may include attending some domestic workers’ gatherings and interviewing community partners on Sundays. You will also replicate the work done with our English-speaking Facebook group by creating a Bahasa-Indonesia speaking one.
  • Engage and manage our team of alumni volunteers to support our community-building efforts (our Social Media correspondents co-manage and create content for our Facebook groups, and our ambassadors share the content to their networks)
  • Build and leverage a strong network of community partners to sustain our impact and increase our reach. I.e.: Consulates and Embassies, NGOs, employment agencies, service providers for the community etc.
  • Help organisation of events for our community.

2. Employers of Migrant Domestic Workers (MDWs).

  • Grow our enrolments in our fee-based courses and contribute to awareness-raising initiatives to promote fair recruitment and management practices. This includes the management and development of our Facebook groups for employers and fee-based courses.

3. General public.

  • Grow our donor base and contribute to building Uplifters’ brand image. You will be in charge of creating content for our different social media channels, website and newsletter. You will also participate in the development and implementation of our fundraising strategy.

You will also contribute to other ad-hoc projects and support your teammates as necessary.


  • Full English proficiency and Bahasa Indonesia native speaker.
  • Experience in social media marketing, content marketing and community management.
  • Able to demonstrate commitment to achieving goals.
  • Experience working in a start-up environment is a plus.
  • Previous experience related to female empowerment, online education, and working with domestic workers is a plus.


  • All staff are required to be present at the occasional workshops and gatherings we organize with our students and communities on Sundays (one every 2 months on average) and occasional social functions or workshops on evenings. This position will moreover require you to organise and facilitate online events during evenings a few times a month.
  • Depending on the pandemic situation, you may be asked to travel a few times a year to the other countries Uplifters operates, including but not necessarily limited to Hong Kong and Singapore where we currently have a significant number of students.
  • As a small and fast-growing organisation, our staff will have opportunities to grow in their position. It also means we depend highly on our staff and expect candidates to project themselves ideally at least for two years at Uplifters and in Hong Kong. We expect full honesty from the candidate about this point even though we know personal circumstances may change later.
  • Location: Hong Kong or Singapore Flexi-work policy.
  • Situation/ Visa: able to work in Hong Kong or Singapore. (We are not able to provide immigration sponsorship).
  • Salary & Benefits: depending on the level of experience and competencies. Generous holiday allowance (4-week paid leave per year on a full-time basis in addition to all public holidays gazetted in Hong Kong) and option to ask for unpaid leave. Opportunities for training and development are negotiable depending on experience.

To apply: send your resume and a statement of interest to hello@uplifters-edu.org. We are seeking to fill the position as soon as possible so candidates will be interviewed on a rolling basis.