“I am 46 years old and not yet married. I have been working in Hong Kong for more than 14 years. The main reason why I came here is to help my family back home in Indonesia and to help myself too. I am saving money to start a business when I will go back to Indonesia.

Being here in Hong Kong for quite a long time now, I can say that one of the problems I encountered is the culture difference (with my employers) which sometimes lead to misunderstandings. But as time passes by, we learn to deal with it.

During my free time I go to TCK Learning Centre. I learn English and Mandarin there. Aside from those classes, they also offer other courses that I enjoy. I decided to study during my days off because I want to learn new things that can help me with my job and in the future once I go home for good.

Being a domestic worker should not be prevent you from dreaming big and  thinking positively. My current job now is a motivation to achieve my goals.”

Interviewed in November 2016 by Leeh AnnPhoto: ©Leeh Ann

Edited by Marie Kretz Di Meglio