Meet Uplifters’ alumni, Lynn Lavilla. She is from Gingoog City, Misamis Oriental in Mindanao, Philippines. She has three beautiful daughters ages 25, 23 and 19.

“I decided to take the Dare to Dream course out of curiosity and to pass the time. But in the middle of the course, I realized that it would help me a lot. I was amazed by the lessons they taught me about handling family problems, making friends, how to gain confidence and most especially, about managing money and making a budget. The course made a big impact in my life. Previously I would buy anything that I wanted because I thought it would make me feel better about myself. I used to give everything to my family to make them happy. After the course, I realized the value of taking care of myself and saving for my future.

My life greatly improved after Uplifters. We have put up a “sari-sari store” business. We also breed chickens for egg production and sell animal feeds. Having our own business was our lifelong dream. We thought that we couldn’t do it but we were able to do so. We plan to buy a lot so that we can turn into a farm next year.

We are a very close and fun-loving family. We are a team and with God’s guidance we can accomplish more. My two daughters have already graduated from college and they now have stable jobs. I am so proud of them. With the help of Uplifters’ team leaders, mentors, my husband and my children, our lifestyle changed and my dreams are coming true.

My advice to my fellow migrant domestic workers is to never forget where you came from. Dream more and never give up. Do not stop learning. Seize every opportunity to widen your knowledge. In Uplifters your life will become better if you will use and apply what you have learned. Thank you so much Uplifters.”