Meet our diamond team leader Syarifitriyah Rahmani or Syafira.

She is turning 32 years old this month. She is from Indonesia and has two siblings.

“When I came to Singapore to work five years ago, I faced serious homesickness. I would often cry and missed my parents and my family because I had never been away from them. My mom said, “if you want to reach your goals, wherever you are, adapt and change and you will grow”. I’m very close to my mom. My mother unfortunately passed away last month and I am still healing from the pain of losing her.

I have been working in Singapore for five years now and I look after an elderly woman named Ahma who is 88 years old. I enjoy working for her because she is kind to me and is so cooperative and very simple.

Our founder Marie really inspires me. She has good vision and mission for migrant workers, specially foreign domestic workers. I appreciate how Marie (and Uplifters) facilitates a free online course on money management and personal development. I asked myself why don’t I take this opportunity, it is free. So I took the course and discovered that what Marie and Uplifters offered me as a domestic workers was really helpful and made a big impact on me. I can see very clearly what I want for my future, especially how to manage my money and reach my goals. Because of Uplifters, I can reach my goals faster, I can also share my experience of how Uplifters works in my life.

My dream is to earn money to make my dream come true. My dream is simple, I want to be a good wife and a good mother. I want to dedicate my whole life for my family but before that, I would like to make sure I am financially stable. I want to open a clothes shop and after five or six months, I will train my sister so she can help me handle the business and I can go abroad again.

My advice to migrant workers is to know your rights and stand up for it. Dream more, learn more, do more and become more. The word “Helper” is just a name. Appreciate yourself, love yourself and respect yourself. Never stop dreaming.”