“I’m 27 years old and have been in Hong Kong for 7 years. To work therethere for such a long time, I was forced to get stronger. I learned that in order to survive, knowing my rights as a domestic worker is really helpful. I was abused several times.

But, I also have my fair share of happy memories in this city. My happiest memories take place in TCK Learning Centre. I wanted to do something productive on my days off and a friend of mine told me about this Ccentre. Since I was interested to learn more about sewing, I signed up and ended up taking other classes that they offer too. I’ve been going there for more than a year now.

Aside from learning new things in the Ccentre, I also gained good friends. I have good times with them during the lessons and during outdoors activities. As for my personal goals, I want to have my own house and restaurant in my placehometown in Indonesia. I can’t picture myself going back home for good before then.”

Interviewed by Leeh Ann
Photo: ©Leeh Ann