Today meet our Diamond Team Leader, Graceih Graziah. Graceih is from Iloilo City in the Philippines. She started working in Singapore 10 years ago.

“I found about Uplifters’ online course on money management and personal growth through a Facebook group. I got curious about it since it’s free and flexible and I am always keen to learn something new, I enrolled immediately. It was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. It had a great impact on me emotionally, mentally and financially.

Through Uplifters I gained more knowledge on how to visualize, plan and take action to make my dream happen according to a specific timeline. Uplifters taught me how to slow down and be appreciative and grateful for every blessing I have. I learned to be more confident in communicating with others. I am happy that I get to share what I learn to my siblings as well. Now I have a clear vision of what I need to do so that I can achieve my goals quicker. I am saving for my emergency fund and investing too. I look forward to saving enough money to put up a business which I plan to do when I retire. I am researching possible business prospects and using the knowledge I gained to make it happen.

I love being a team leader because it gives me the privilege to meet more migrant domestic workers and expand my horizons of learning. I am happy to see they are interested in changing their own perception about the importance of saving. Seeing them having their own certificate and applying what they learned from Uplifters on their daily lives are both rewarding. It gives me and my student a sense of accomplishment because we are both changing for the better. I love meeting them personally, sharing great tips and joining workshops together.

My advice to my fellow migrant domestic workers is to continue to educate themselves in financial literacy. Remember it’s not how much money you earn each month but how much you save. Share your goals with your family so you can work together. Discipline is the key to make it happen. With teamwork, it is much easier to achieve your goals. I would like to share this with them, “Learning is a treasure that will follow you everywhere.”