On October 2019, Seefar* examine the experiences of migrant female domestic workers in South-East Asia, including recruitment processes and working conditions.

The report’s findings show the relationship between how migrant workers arrive at the decision to migrate and the information and influences which inform their choices. The report looks at where ill-informed choices lead to situations of exploitation, at times amounting to modern slavery.

Key findings include:

  • Indicators of forced labour remain prevalent
  • Poor planning made migrants vulnerable
  • Recruitment practices make migrants vulnerable
  • Legislation changed for the better but practice remains poor

Here a some of Seefar’s recommendations:

  • Make recruitment ethical
  • Help workers prepare
  • Make in-country support accessible
  • Focus on career and financial planning, stop ‘reintegration’
  • Implement market-friendly protections in Hong Kong and Singapore

*Seefar is a social enterprise with a mission to work with vulnerable people to build a better future. They specialise in justice, migration and social inclusion.

Read the full report here