We are happy to feature Ailenemae Ramos who became an Uplifters Mentor in June 2022 Mentors are among our most experienced Team Leaders. Ailenemae will focus on supporting Team Leaders in their Uplifters’ journey while contributing to the development of existing and new initiatives through input on strategic decisions related to the Uplifters programme.

Below, Ailenemae shares her experience as a Mentor and how she felt empowered by this new position.

“I am new to the Uplifters’ Core Team. So from what I have experienced so far, I think that being a Mentor is easier [than being a Team Leader], especially in terms of schedule. Because I am not the one who communicates directly with the students all the time. 

My main responsibility is to support and guide my fellow Team Leaders facilitating their class chat. I am here to encourage, help and remind the Team Leaders to be as positive as possible no matter how active or quiet their class discussions are each day. 

I believe I can be very helpful supporting the Team Leaders. I can share my knowledge and experience on how to be positive while dealing with many students at the same time, especially if they have different perspectives in life. 

I always remind them to LEAD WITH HEART, be HUMBLE, be KIND, and always remember the reason why they decided to be part of the leadership team. 

In doing so, I know each of them will be a great leader and I hope I can help them develop their leadership skills in the community and their circle of camaraderie. 

I also love reading what they share on the class chat,  because I get inspired by their stories.”

For Ailenemae, being one of the Uplifters’ Mentors gives her an extra reason to recognise her personal value, knowing that someone trusts her and believes in her ability to do the job.

“It helps me boost my self-confidence and of course, I gain a ton of self-esteem. It forces me to realise and acknowledge my self-worth in many aspects. 

After knowing that I am being accepted as a mentor, I began to trust my self-worth even more. 

Yet, knowing that I will be included in the core team only after finishing my training, I lose my self-confidence once again. Doubting myself even more. There were a lot of “what if” that came to my mind. What if I can’t pass the training? What if the training will be too hard? What if suddenly they change their minds? The big change I had was to trust myself even more. To trust the process. To trust my strength. And to acknowledge my fears and weaknesses.”

Ailenemae is a very experienced Team Leader, and she has clear goals regarding her role as Mentor at Uplifters. 

“This experience is brand-new to me as I never expected to be included in the core team. I think being a mentor at Uplifters can help me open up doors for further leadership opportunities. I will strengthen my leadership skills. I got two goals.  First, I want to guide my fellow migrant domestic workers  to cope with the difficult situations they face on a daily basis due to their working hours.

Secondly, I want to help them develop a healthy mental wellbeing and protect themselves from any form of mental illness.

I have been in this situation, known to most of us, where I have been mistreated and humiliated by employers. I want to support my fellow migrants who are going through the same thing as me and make them aware of their rights. Being part of the Uplifters community has helped me to pursue my goals and I know that it takes hard work to achieve them.”