We are proud to feature Herlyn Banaban who became an Uplifters Mentor in May 2022. Mentors are among our most experienced Team Leaders. Herlyn focuses on supporting Team Leaders in their Uplifters’ journey while contributing to the development of existing and new initiatives through input on strategic decisions related to the Uplifters programme.

Below, Herlyn shares her experience as a Mentor and how much she likes it.

“For me, there is a very big difference between being a Team Leader and a Mentor. As a Team Leader you always try to guide your students and encourage them, whereas as a mentor you have a double responsibility. Mentors are the eyes and ears for both Team Leaders and students. And of course, we also do our job to help the Team Leaders connect with their students, which is not always easy. 

Since I’m a mentor, I feel even more passionate to help my fellow FDW and uplift them. I am very inspired by their stories: the more you connect to them, the deeper you understand them. Because of this connection I am even more motivated to be a good mentor and a good leader. I understand that I have new responsibilities now that I am part of the core team. I am determined to support the students and the Team Leaders in their journey. 

It’s a long process to become a mentor, but it gives me more confidence. I definitely gain self-esteem. I am more open-minded, and I try to be more understanding toward my fellow migrants. “