“Before I came to Uplifters, I did not have enough motivation to track my expenses and plan my budget as I thought it was just the same each month. I used to say “yes” to each and every financial request of my friends and family, and I would often feel guilty if I do not help them.”

After completing ‘Prepare For the Future’, Uplifters’ online course on personal growth, mental health, and money management, Eliza manages her money better and shares her knowledge and experience with her peers. As one of our Gold Team Leaders, she has supported fellow domestic workers over five sessions of our ‘Dare to Dream’ signature course.

Read more about her in her interview.

“Uplifters had helped me change my outlook on money and handling money-related situations with my family and friends. I realised we don’t have to feel guilty if we cannot help out and focus on achieving our dreams and goals.

I feel happy and confident with the knowledge I gained from Uplifters. I learned more about myself and became aware of my emotions and actions, especially when dealing with financial matters with friends and family.

Being a Team Leader gives me joy. I met many people with the same passion and outlook in life, dedicated to helping others out of the kindness of their hearts and encouraging them to achieve their dreams. I enjoy sharing ideas and experiences openly, without judgment. I am very proud when students tell me that they are grateful to me for guiding and helping them realise and achieve their long, lost dreams.

To our community, never stop learning and developing yourselves to reach your potential. We are greater than what others see us as. Do not let life’s struggles stop you. Self-awareness is the first step to knowing who you really are, your strengths and weaknesses. Discover your dreams and have the motivation to reach them and make them happen.”