On February 2016, Seefar* published a report highlighting the prevalence of modern slavery in Asia amongst domestic workers. The study is based on a seven-month survey of over 4,000 people in four countries – Hong Kong, Indonesia, the Philippines and Singapore.

Common problems experienced by migrant domestic workers before and during recruitment and training, while working abroad, and upon the termination of their contract and their eventual return home include:

    • Lack of knowledge by migrant workers before signing contract and incurring debt
  • Exploitation and coercion by recruiters in sending countries
  • Abuse and over- charging by employment agencies & employers abroad
  • Lack of government protection and reintegration programs upon return

The report provide several recommendations to address modern slavery:

  • support legal advocacy for rights and implementation
  • empower migrants to make their own decisions
  • improve migrant’s financial planning
  • reform recruitment processes
  • expand and test new reintegration strategies
  • expose harmful and illegal employment agency practices
  • empower current migrant workers to achieve migration goals

Seefar is a social enterprise with a mission to work with vulnerable people to build a better future. They specialise in justice, migration and social inclusion.

Read the full report here