Meet Willa Mae Erejer Arbon, Uplifters’ alumni and social media correspondent. She has been working in Hong Kong for the past six years. In her free time, she loves cooking, hiking and watching motivational videos.

“I joined Dare to Dream because I wanted to change. I wanted to improve my physical and mental health. I wanted to educate myself about money management and personal development.

Uplifters changed how I manage money. One of the best things I learned from the course is to always have a plan. I was impulsive and always acted without a plan. Now I’m a person with a clear purpose and a direction on how I can make my dreams come true.

The courses helped me in my personal growth journey. It gave me the answers to all the questions I have asked myself. I used to be disorganized, too soft and understanding, bashful and fearful of so many things.

I feel so proud of who I am now. I found myself. I am happy, positive, productive and motivated. I have managed to overcome my negative thoughts and conquer my weaknesses.

If I had to pick an image to illustrate my life before and after Uplifters, I will say that now I am like a bamboo tree. Flexible, bending with the wind but never breaking. Like bamboo, I am resilient. I can bounce back even from the most difficult times.

My dream for the future is to own a restaurant to feed thousands of people. To live in another country with my children and to start a new life with them. I’ve always dreamed of raising my kids while working. Raising them in the way I want them to become. I also dream to help people who are in need. I want to help my family, especially my siblings and help other people who are in need.

My advice to women is to stop asking yourself why and blaming someone else. Take action if you want real change in your life.“