“I am now confident to handle challenges that come my way, especially in financial matters.

I used to have a wallflower personality, not believing in my capabilities and not socializing with others. To add to my lack of confidence, I finished my first contract as a domestic worker without any savings.

Taking the courses at Uplifters boosted my confidence to manage my life and take action. I have savings now that will help me make my dream of launching my own clothing business come true. I became more confident to do the things I wanted to do, like writing and grabbing opportunities to learn. I am also part of Migrant Writers of Singapore, a Facebook group for migrants who love literature in Singapore. Being a Team Leader allowed me to share my knowledge with my fellow domestic workers. From being afraid to opening up to people, I became a listening ear to those who shared their struggles with me. I learned that I must be fully engaged with all my heart to help uplift them and make them feel that they are not alone.

Believing in yourself and not giving up are the lessons I want to share with our community. Be optimistic; there is always hope. Be consistent in everything you do, love your work and always wear a smile.” – Naicy Candido, Uplifters’ Gold Team Leader. She has supported fellow domestic workers over five sessions of our Dare to Dream signature course.