Meet Catherine Alimagno. She is from the Philippines and is currently working in Hong Kong.

“I started working abroad in 2008 in Lebanon until 2012. I applied for work in Hong Kong in 2014 but after 2 months I had to go back to the Philippines. I applied again in September 2014 and I was lucky enough to find a kind employer.

I have two handsome sons; ages 21 and 15. Both of them are studying in University.

I joined Uplifters out of curiosity but it changed me in many positive ways. I was struggling to save money before and I didn’t know how to manage my money. Before Uplifters, I wasn’t able to accomplish any of my financial goals. But after joining Uplifters and enrolling in the Dare To Dream course, I learned how to save, when to save and how to manage my salary.

I received my Dare to Dream certificate in May 2019 and finished Make It Happen in October the same year. I am sure that if I didn’t join Uplifters, I still won’t be able to save and nor achieve my personal goals. My dream is to save for my retirement and I’ve already started saving for it. I’ve joined other classes before and they’re almost the same but Uplifters has had the most positive impact on me as I was able to put my learnings into action.

I am so thankful for Uplifters as they educate us, especially regarding financial education. It’s really a huge help for all of us. Please continue doing so because there are still a lot of women who want to learn. Thank you so much. “