Today we want to turn the spotlight on Eni Kusrini, one of our Gold Team Leaders, who has facilitated over five of our ‘Dare to Dream’, signature courses. ‘Dare to Dream’ is our free online course on money management and personal growth.

Eni is from Indonesia and has been working in Singapore for the past seven years. “I did not know how to manage my money before I joined Uplifters. I struggled with saving my hard-earned money. I have many dreams, but I did not know how to achieve them. The course helped me learn how to run the cafe and bar that I jointly opened with my brother in Indonesia. Without the budgeting and planning skills I learned at Uplifters, I wouldn’t have managed the business correctly. Unfortunately, we were impacted by the Covid-19 pandemic, so we had to close after two years. In my free time, I volunteer for the Institute of Mental Health in Singapore. I wanted to make a difference. The patients are happy when I’m singing, playing music or just being with them. I am also part of a traditional music group in Singapore; I thought it is a good way to share my talents.

As one of Uplifters’ team leaders, I am grateful for the opportunity to support my fellow domestic workers, some of whom have become my close friends. I am happy to be part of a community that empowers each other. I would like to share my message to our community: We are not going to work abroad forever, so we must learn how to manage our money for our future. Some people may look down on us and our jobs, but we must not be discouraged. We can be successful. Have patience and always remember your dreams. You can make them happen!”