Online programme for domestic workers

Money management and mental well-being

Our FREE online signature programme provides education on money management, personal development and mental well-being. 


Since our inception, we’ve had over 8,000+ participants who are managing their finances successfully and using the life skills they learned from our online courses.

  • 100% FREE
  • No laptop needed, students can use their phones
  • Fully online and flexible: courses are available on our students schedules. No in person meetings required.

Our programme consists of two modules:

Module 1

Dare to Dream

3-week online course – about 30 minutes per day

Our students learn:

  • To manage their money in order to achieve financial stability (budgeting, saving, avoiding loan pitfalls and investments scams).
  • Plan the way to life goals to make their dreams come true.
  • Learn how to care for themselves by empowering them with confidence and joy.
  • Improve their communication so to create healthy relationships with family, friends, and employers.
  • Learn how to think independently to help make better decisions in life.
Module 1
Module 2

Alumni Programme

Optional continuation of ‘Dare to Dream’ – about 3 hours per month on an ongoing basis. 

This module helps ‘Dare to Dream’ Alumni expand on the key points addressed in module one and make progress towards reaching their personal and financial goals. 

Module 2


Only an internet connection and a mobile phone are needed to participate. Students can login through the same system used to register. If you are a registered student, check your Facebook chat if you are unsure.

Course dates are announced on our Facebook page. Our courses are 100% self-paced. Students can participate whenever it works for them, without any scheduled meeting times, students can login and access the material at all hours.

It’s 100% online. We do encourage students to join optional gatherings during days off to meet classmates “in real life”. It’s a great way to make friends and discuss lessons!

No, basic English is sufficient. This course will also help improve English skills! We are currently working on translating the programme into additional languages, starting with Bahasa Indonesia.

All the lessons take place within an online classroom, but students don’t study alone. A team leader, who is a domestic worker herself, will invite new students to join a chat group. The class interacts and participates together, led by the team leader who has already completed the course. There is a maximum of 20 students per group chat, which enables everyone to participate and feel comfortable in asking questions. You can mute the class chat discussion to avoid being disturbed at work.

Yes! At the end of ‘Dare to Dream’, a certificate of completion is issued. Although this is not an official educational certification, accreditation or diploma, it’s something to be very proud of!



community members (1)


Enrolled in our core programme ‘Prepare for the Future’ since 2018


Alumni volunteering to support their peers in our programmes


satisfaction ratio(2)


Say Uplifters made a major difference in their lives (2)


Have now or are building emergency savings (3)


Now save money compared with only 43% before (3)


Increase in confidence in managing finances well (3)

Feeling happier and rating their general feeling of happiness about their lives 9 out of 10(3)

(1) Online Facebook community Uplift Your Life
(2) 1,132 respondents, enrolled in our ‘Prepare for the Future’ programme in 2021
(3) 35 respondents, domestic workers enrolled in our signature programme ‘Prepare for the Future’ in 2021. We compared their answers before taking the module 1 of the programme ‘Dare to Dream’ and 6 months after completing it.

Our students Are making their dreams come true

Our students all have something in common: their passion to make change happen in their lives.

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