Our programmes

Online courses

Our courses are created by experts and follow the best online teaching practices with  a ‘behaviour-change’ design approach. They are accessible to anyone with a simple smartphone. 

Life skills courses: Money Management and Personal Growth programme (free); Two modules and lasts for six months. Students learn how to prepare for the future, manage their money (budget, save, recognise and avoid loans and investment scams), develop a positive mindset, improve their communication skills and build self-confidence. More about it here.

Vocational Courses. We have started to develop vocational courses to increase the skills of migrant domestic workers and meet employers’ needs. The first of these is a baby care course that we commenced the pilot of in November 2020. More about it here.

Community building programmes

We create a large online community on social media to amplify support and provide additional resources through partnerships with community partners. To date we have more than 9,000 members.

We plan to develop programs in the future that benefit the families of migrant domestic workers. 

Awareness raising and collaboration programmes

We have ad-hoc initiatives to raise inclusiveness of societies in host countries and collaborate with community partners to create systemic change.

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