You will find here links to articles and videos featuring migrant domestic workers who prove by their passions and realizations that being a domestic worker is just a job and does not define who you are! You too, start dreaming and building yourself a better future!

Domestic workers and … athletes

Liza Avelino, Filipina, a domestic worker in Hong Kong but also a mountain climber and motivational speaker

Jannah Pascua, Filipina, a domestic worker in Singapore but also an athlete, marathoner and fundraiser for charities

Aleli and her team “Maid of Heart and Sole”, domestic workers in Hong Kong who ran a 100km ultra-trail

Domestic workers and… artists

Xyza Cruz Bacani, Filipina, an ex-domestic worker in Hong Kong, now a world-known photographer

Joan Pabona, a domestic worker in Hong Kong who won 2nd place at a National Geographic Photo Contest

Leeh Ann, Filipina, a domestic worker in Hong Kong and also a photographer

Rolinda Espanola, a domestic worker in Singapore, also poet and photographer

Domestic workers and… entrepreneurs…

Nilushika, Sri-Lankan, an ex-domestic worker in Singapore, entrepreneur and charity founder

Rebecca Bustamante, Filipina, ex-domestic worker in Singapore, now CEO

Nova Fossgard, Filipina, an ex-domestic worker, now the owner of a college in England

Irawati, Indonesian, a domestic worker in Singapore and bakery owner