Enrich HK

Enrich HK provides financial and empowerment education to migrant domestic workers.

Languages: Bahasa, English, Tagalog

Phone number: +852 56480990

Email: info@enrichhk.org/

Website: enrichhk.org

Facebook: enrichhk.org



H.O.P.E. Support Service Centre for Ethnic Minorities supports and enhances the integration of ethnic minorities in Hong Kong society and to create an inclusive community that embraces cultural diversity and racial harmony. They offer Cantonese and English courses to non-Chinese Hong Kong residents.

Phone numbers: +852 2836 3598 ; +852 5188 8044 (Hotline)

Email: ethnic_centre@isshk.org

Website: www.isshk.org

Facebook: Isshopecentre


YMCA of Hong Kong

YMCA of Hong Kong has a variety of programmes for domestic workers, including computer training, baking, money management, and more.

Email: dh@ymcahk.org.hk

Website: www.ymcahk.org.hk 

Facebook: YmcaKursus



EmpowerU is an educational and empowerment platform that provides workshops and training in a variety of subjects like personal health and wellness, law, business and finance, public speaking, science and nature appreciation, arts and literature.

Email: info@empoweru.io

Website: www.empoweru.io

Facebook: EmpowerUHK


Christian Action

Christian Action offers vocational classes for domestic workers, with subjects including English & Chinese language, financial literacy, and computer use. They have training centres in multiple locations.

Languages: Bahasa, English, Sinhala, Tagalog

Phone number: +852 2739 6193

Website: www.christian-action.org.hk/en/

Email: domhelp@christian-action.org


Caritas Asian Migrant Project

Asian Migrant Workers Social Service Project is a non-government subsidised project serving migrant workers from the Southeast Asian countries. They provide social inclusion programmes and crisis intervention services for migrant workers.

Phone number: +852 5497 2899

Website: cd.caritas.org.hk/amp_eng.htm

Email: cdamp@caritassws.org.hk