Baby Care Online Course

Does your domestic worker have the confidence and skills to take care of your baby?

Uplifters is specialized in online education for domestic workers and we develop courses tailor-made to their needs. Our platform is accessible with a simple smartphone.

Numerous discussions with employers have made it clear that beyond knowledge and skills, one of the biggest challenges is ensuring your domestic worker fully understands YOUR expectations and takes care of your baby YOUR way.

Our tailor-made Baby Care course for domestic workers is unique: it’s the only one with a dual-approach. As the employer, you will also have access to the course and will be guided on how to best communicate your preferences – in terms of baby care – to your domestic worker. The additional bonus of this approach is that you also get a good reminder of the most up-to-date baby care advice!

Free access for the soft launch beginning of Q4 2020 – Limited spaces available. Sign up here to get informed when the free spots are released.


This course has two sections. Each section takes 15 hours to complete. Domestic workers have 2 weeks to complete each section in order to have enough time to fully understand the lessons. It’s 100% flexible. You and your domestic worker can connect when you have time. There is no fixed meeting at a given time.


Content developed by Dr. Blandine Prévost and Benedicte Le Caherec, paediatric nurse. It is based on WHO and UNICEF guidelines covering baby care, safety and development from 0 to 12 months of age. Some of the topics that are included are baby well-being, hygiene, eating, baby’s development and routine, safety, emergency situations management and how to communicate with your employer.


A certificate of completion will be delivered to the domestic worker upon full completion of the course and passing of a final online exam. Uplifters does not provide official educational certification and diplomas recognized by the relevant authorities or bureau for courses offered. All certification given is to only certify successful completion of the courses offered to the rating and/or grading standards of Uplifters.

Free online unit for employers

The employer will also get access to a FREE online Domestic Worker – Parents Working Relationship unit to help them communicate their expectations regarding routine and baby care to their domestic worker and establish healthy working relationships with her. Indeed most problems and accidents happen because of communication and misalignment issues.

Free access for the soft launch beginning of Q4 2020 – Limited spaces available. Sign up here.