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Being able to hire a domestic worker to take care of your baby is a great option to have but does come with its specific challenges.

New parents need support, and to be able to trust those responsible for taking care of the baby. One of the biggest challenges is building trust and ensuring the domestic worker fully understands your expectations. Even when the domestic worker had previous work experience with babies, her previous employers may have had very different ways of doing things than yours. Uplifters offers a unique course with dual-access for you and your domestic worker to help you communicate your expectations and make sure your domestic worker is properly trained.

Adapted to domestic workers
Easy access with a simple smartphone. At Uplifters, we have trained more than 4,600 domestic workers in the last 3 years. Our online course is tailor-made to their needs. It’s easy to understand, with simple English vocabulary, and videos are translated into both Tagalog (Filipino) and Bahasa (Indonesian). The content can be reviewed as often as needed until the domestic worker has a sound understanding.

Two for One
You don’t have to pay extra to get access to the course if you wish to have reminders for yourself. Both you and your domestic worker get independent access to the course. Handouts at the end of each unit includes key points and questions to discuss with your domestic worker if you wish to. You don’t have to do it if you don’t want.

Our online course is entirely flexible! There are no scheduled meetings. Moreover, you will be given access for a full year after starting it. It’s hard to remember what are a toddler’s needs when you are currently taking care of a newborn so we make sure you and your domestic worker can go back to the course when you need it.

Online but not alone
Our team will make sure your domestic worker is progressing and completing her course and regularly check on her unless you prefer us not to. You and your domestic worker will also be given access to a private Facebook group to discuss with other participants and ask your questions.

Daily booster
If you wish, you and your domestic worker can receive daily boosters through our Facebook chatbot, Robot Joy, to help you keep motivated during the recommended duration of the course (the course is made of two modules that we recommend taking in two weeks each).

Professional content
This course was created by Dr Blandine Prevost, a registered paediatrician, and Benedicte Le Caherec, a pediatric nurse who also has experience as a daycare centre director. The program follows the guidelines and includes the most current recommendations from the World Health Organization (WHO) and UNICEF.

Assessing your domestic worker’s success
A certificate of completion will be delivered to your domestic worker upon full completion of the course (module 1 and module 2) and passing the final online exam with at least 75% correct answers (it’s not an an official educational certification or diploma.)

100% satisfied or refunded
We are a non-profit organisation and our measure of success is impact. We aim for 100% satisfaction with our courses. If you and your domestic worker complete our course and are not satisfied, please let us know within 45 days after purchase and we will be happy to fully refund you.

Detailed Curriculum

The course is made of two modules.

Module 1:

Unit 1 – The baby’s well-being, hygiene and home environment

  • The baby needs
  • Products
  • Changing a diaper
  • Giving the baby a bath
  • Taking care of specific body parts (umbilical cord, eyes, ears, nose, nails)
  • Dressing the baby
  • Maintaining a healthy home environment and understanding family settings (siblings, twins, pets)

Unit 2 – Eating

  • Recognising hunger cues 
  • Support a breastfeeding mother and know how to store and prepare expressed breast-milk
  • Preparing a bottle of formula
  • Giving a bottle to the baby
  • Burping a baby
  • Cleaning and sterilising bottles, pacifiers and breast pump accessories
  • Weaning a baby off of milk 

Bonus Unit – Set your domestic worker up for success (parent version)

  • Be clear about your domestic worker’s duties and responsibilities.
  • Establish healthy boundaries
  • Stay reassured; your children will not get confused about who is who!
  • Make your domestic worker an ally in your children’s development and education
  • Give clear guidelines in case of an emergency
  • Know how to react when your domestic worker doesn’t follow the house rules

Bonus Unit – Set yourself up for success (caregiver version)

  • How to be clear about your duties and responsibilities
  • Organise your work and have a professional attitude
  • Keep your employers informed about their children and in which situations to contact them urgently
  • How should you deal with child education as a caregiver?
  • Manage difficult situations and potential conflicts with your employer

Module 2:

Unit 3 – The baby’s development, growth and milestones

  • Best practices to establish a healthy routine for the baby, support his/her development and create good sleeping habits
  • The First Month
  • Between 1 to 3 months old
  • Between 4 to 7 months old
  • Between 8 to 12 months old

Unit 4 – The most common risks and safety tips

  • Specific risks at each stage of the baby’s development
  • How to prevent injuries
  • Safety Inspection Checklist 
  • Safe sleeping positions
  • Carrying the baby safely

Unit 5 – How to handle emergency situations

  • How to determine if you have an emergency
  • What is a first aid emergency?
  • In a first aid emergency use the CHECK—CALL—CARE method
  • First Aid Kit
At the end of each unit, a quiz and handout are provided. Each module takes approximately 15 hours to complete and participants usually complete over two weeks. We know that life with a newborn is hectic, so you will be able to access the course for a year. It’s 100% flexible! You and your domestic worker can connect when you both have time.




“We highly recommend the Uplifters baby care online course. It has been very educational and helpful for myself and my helper. It is clear and complete with many illustrations to make it more interactive. The format is tailored to balance my busy working life and active learning. After following this course, our helper was very enthusiastic and willing to follow more Uplifters online courses about different topics.” – Marine (Hong Kong, Parent)


“As a domestic helper, we aim to earn our employers care and trust. I found myself very interested and eager to learn throughout the Uplifters Baby Care online course on my own. It is very clear and detailed with the short stories in every lesson, and I believe this is so helpful for overseas foreign workers (OFW) like me. I learned how to calm myself in every situation that I may encounter with my employer, how to promote a good employer-employee relationship by being open to discussing every detail about the child’s activities, especially if something wrong happens. Honesty is the secret for longterm employment, whatever the circumstances, we need to express our feelings in a proper way to avoid misunderstanding and have better communication.
I am highly recommending this online course to both OFWs and aspiring employers who are starting a family. It is very helpful for employers and OFW to learn together and have access to the course to give them a strong foundation to lessen the possibilities of breaking or terminating their contract.” – Ailenemae (Hong Kong, Domestic Worker)


“ The course is very comprehensive and pragmatic, the way it’s structured make you really remember the key things you have to know to take care of the baby.  I would have loved to take this course when having my first baby three years ago. It was still a great refresher for me as I’m expecting my second one soon. I really appreciate as well how it is giving tips on how to approach your relationship with your helper, I must say I was completely clueless back then and those tips would have definitely been useful! ” – Sophie (Hong Kong, Parent)


“ Thank you Uplifters for giving me the chance to do the baby care course online. I am so happy, and there are a lot of benefits. There are tips on how to take care of an infant, how to hold a baby…  I learned a lot about the baby’s well-being, hygiene and the home environment too. A nanny spends a great deal of time with the kids from day to day, and the employer needs to be confident. Nanny and employer must work together: the nanny will find in the Baby Care course many tips to be a good nanny.” – Fripiyanti, (Singapore, Domestic Worker)

“At first I thought I knew all about baby care because I’m a mother also. But I was wrong, after I took this course I learned so many things about taking good care of babies. And in this course you also learn how to have a good relationship between with your employer. Thank you, it’s really worth it! Fidelisa (Hong Kong, Domestic Worker)



USD 100 for one module. Module 2 can be purchased after completing Module 1.

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USD 150 for Module 1 and Module 2 bought together – i.e. 50% discount on second module 


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