Organisations providing assistance on employment and legal issues


HELP for Domestic Workers provides free legal advice and assistance on employment, immigration and human rights issues to domestic workers in Hong Kong.

Address: Ground Floor, St John’s Cathedral, 4-8 Garden Road Central, Hong Kong
Phone number: +852 2523 4020
WhatsApp: +852 5936 3780
WhatsApp Bahasa Indonesia: +852 5493 4660
All phone numbers are checked during office hours only.

Mission for Migrant Workers provides case guidance and assistance to migrant workers. 

They provide emergency shelter service through The Bethune House Migrant Women’s Refuge. Bethune House is a registered charitable institution under the companies ordinance in Hong Kong. It provides charitable assistance and social counseling to needy migrant workers and their families.

Phone number: +852 2522 8264

The Association of Indonesian Migrant Workers in Hong Kong offers paralegal counselling, emotional counselling and a hotline service. It can refer workers in need to Bethune House.

Phone number: +852 2314 7316

Justice without Borders supports victims of human trafficking and labour exploitation such as overcharging of agency fees, salary disagreements, bad working conditions, illegal deployment and abuse in seeking compensation against their abusers, even after they return home. 


General enquiries:


Humanitarian Organization for Migration Economics (HOME) provides employment advice, legal aid, financial assistance, and medical service. They operate a number of specialized help desks for both domestic and non-domestic workers seeking assistance. Domestic workers who have been a victim of abuse, exploitation and human rights violation can contact this charity group for help.

Helpline for domestic workers: 1800 797 7977 (Toll-free)
General enquiries: +65 9625 4193

The Community Justice Centre provides legal support to workers or persons who are struggling to put up their cases in court but cannot afford a lawyer.

Phone number: +65 6557 4100

The Centre for Domestic Employees provides advisory services on employment issues and free legal clinics through its partners. They offer programmes and activities to promote social acceptance and integration. 

24-hour toll-free helpline: 1800 2255 233