Develop your confidence and boldness easily

Confidence can be in ourselves when we born, but if not, it is possible to develop it. You don’t need long training, only make some exercises and you will feel much more boldness!

Dare to challenge yourself

Be kind with yourself but don’t accept fatality. Being shy or reserved is totally ok but if you want to become more confident, this is something you can learn as well! In order to be successful, you need to learn to stand up for yourself and dare more.

For that, psychologists found that the best technique is to give yourself regularly some new challenges to accomplish, things that you are a bit afraid of but are not totally impossible and out of your reach.

It will be different for each person but what is important is to do these challenges alone.

Some ideas to help you to develop your confidence

  • eating alone at the restaurant.
  • going alone to a place where you’ve never been.
  • going into a luxury shop (like CHANEL or DIOR), ask to try some products or clothes and of course not buying them.
  • Talking to a stranger in the bus

Self-confidence is an important mindset to realize your dreams. 

Did you do it? How did it make you feel?

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4 Replies to “Develop your confidence and boldness easily”

  1. Yes i did it…and how i fell ?
    Talking to stranger in the bus…?
    Yes..why not , at first like not confident to asking. But after im talking , just like im talking to my old friend. Bcos finally very friendly and become friend for sure.

  2. Going into luxury shop ( Dior or channel ) yes i ask to try produks or clothes , and of course im not buy them, bcoz a price is here not suit for me/ very expensive one.

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