“Being a migrant worker is not something I dreamt of to be, but it’s something I am proud to be.”

For the International Migrant Workers Day, we asked our community what makes them happy despite the hardships they face!

We created a giant smile with their photos and you can read more below about what makes them smile in their migration journeys.

Read more of their reasons to smile below:
Having achieved some of my goals in my last 5 years ♥️ Being a mother makes me smile & seeing my kids grow up even from a distance ♥️ Being treated well by my employer and treated as one of their family ♥️ Remembering my dreams and planning for them ♥️ Being the reason for someone else’s smile today! ♥️ Remembering how much I’ve grown in the last 5 years as a FDW ♥️When hard work which is sweat becomes sweet ♥️Knowing that I’m also empowering fellow women makes me smile ♥️ Being able to meet different people from different countries and seeing places I’d never thought I would see ♥️ Knowing that my daughter and my son are doing well in their studies ♥️ The opportunity to grow personally and becoming a better version of me ♥️Knowing what I’ve done so far, the difficulties I’ve overcome and everything I’ve learnt ♥️ Smiling is a good deed ♥️ My job as a care worker ♥️ Smiling is worshipping too ♥️ Smile is the best medicine for stress ♥️A simple smile can make everyone happy ♥️ Smiling makes you feel better ♥️ Having a good employer, living in a good country, having family and friends ♥️ My daughter is the reason why I keep smiling despite all the struggles being OFW ♥️ Being a proud mother to my 3 daughters ♥️ My smile is one of my best assets ♥️I want to inspire my fellow migrant workers to use their smile as a tool to fight stress at work ♥️ My employer says my smile gives them a beautiful start to the day ♥️ Hearing my mom’s voice very happy and excited as her wish will be granted ♥️I smile the most when talking to my family especially my grandchildren ♥️ Whenever I help anyone in need it makes me smile with joy ♥️ I smile every day because I am working safe in Singapore ♥️Being surrounded by happy people ♥️Gratefulness for being able to work as a migrant worker and contributing a lot to my home country ♥️ Sustaining my family’s needs and boosting the economy in my country ♥️ Being a domestic worker helps us create our dreams Don’t let your dream disappear because your employers wake u up ♥️ Smiling is my best pain reliever ♥️ Smile is the best way to overcome tension ♥️ When you smile to everyone, it will lift their spirits too so keep on smiling ♥️ Smiling everyday helps me take all my worries away ♥️ Smiling is worshipping ♥️ Thanks to Uplifters I’ve dared to dream to have a better life ♥️ Being healthy so I can continue to support my family and reach my future dream… ♥️ Smile for the hard work you’ve done for your loved ones back home, but don’t forget to work for your own goal ♥️ Smile and the whole world will smile with you! ♥️ Being a migrant worker is not something I dreamt of to be, but it’s something I am proud to be ♥️

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