Today we want to spotlight Maria Nemy Lou Mejia, one of our Gold Team Leaders, who has supported fellow domestic workers over five sessions of our Dare to Dream signature course.

“I was in the midst of a financial crisis when I saw the online course Dare to Dream on Facebook. I had loans and debts at home and was always struggling to make ends meet. I was constantly feeling down and felt I was on the brink of depression. Uplifters came at a perfect time. I thought this course would help me get out of the quicksand that I was into.

I can say I was not very wise when it comes to managing money. I had goals, but I was not sure how to achieve them. I could not focus because of strings that were pulling me backward. The course helped me improve my financial situation. I learned how to budget, spend and save money. It changed my perspectives on many things. Despite difficulties due to my work schedules, I felt that it was an accomplishment when I finished the course. It motivated me to continue and complete the next course, which is Make It Happen.

Uplifters empowered me with the positive mindset that nothing is impossible as long as you believe you can do it. I became the butterfly that I am now. My struggles made me tougher and more confident than I ever was. I spread my wings and explored what life has to offer me, leading me to create the Migrant Writers of Hong Kong Facebook group. I wanted to share my passion for writing with other women and provide a platform to share and develop their talents.

Uplifters built up the leader in me. I learned the value of commitment that one must persist even in the face of challenges and lead by example. Being a Team Leader is truly rewarding. I enjoy learning again and again with my students. I have a deep admiration for them.