Relita Pascua, has twelve siblings and is is a mother to one beautiful daughter. She has been working in Hong Kong for 34 years already and is an Uplifters alumni.

Here’s an excerpt of our interview:

Q. In what way did Uplifters help you?

A: I have gained self-confidence in talking to other people. I am glad I am able to help others by teaching them how to become their own money manager. I have learned a lot from the Uplifters courses. I still read my notes whenever I encounter issues that I need help with. I really enjoyed the challenges and quizzes in the courses.

Q. What are the changes in your life after Uplifters?

A: The courses helped me in managing the cooperative business that I started in Hong Kong in 2003 and in the Philippines in 2008. I also have an agricultural business that I started in 2009. As the founding president, I have a big responsibility to oversee the operation of the business while I am here in Hong Kong as I manage the savings program from members who are working overseas. I am also apart of the International Marketing Group and am a financial educator where we teach students how to build a solid financial foundation.

Q. What are the challenges that you encountered?

A. I am not a university graduate but I desire to help my community to be progressive and help our people find the courage and determination to do it. I’ve been through a lot of failures and challenges financially but I never quit on my dreams. The trust of our members gives me a reason to continue learning so that I can help them more. I have had a very hard life but I have been determined to make a difference for my family and I am proud to say that I have done so, now our family is much better. I can honestly say that I work because I want to, not because I need to. I am ready to retire anytime but my employer asked me to reconsider to work for another two years. God is my partner and I believe He will provide everything we need.