Here is a beautiful poem of our alumni and Team Leader, Maria Nemy Lou Rocio, during our online 3rd anniversary. 

We are sisters!
Not by blood and neither a kin
The connection we have
Is deeper than friendship has ever been
In this community where we belong

We are women
Of meaningful past, a strong present
Holding a threshold of the next generation
Committed to serve
A common goal that everybody deserves
To lift up one another
To move forward together

We are sisters!
We may, or we may not know each other personally
Seldom talk or just see each other virtually
But we understand, we comprehend
That you are always there
And I am always here

We grow and learn,
We laugh, cry and yearn
To win our battles,
We never say never
For your fight is my fight
And if you win, then I win

Whenever you’re lost for words
Or don’t know how to express your thoughts
When you struggle to show your true self
And you need someone to say
Hey sis! I got you on this!
I will be that someone and I should insist
Remember that
If you ever fall backward
I’ll be there to push you
Hand in hand, we will move upward
When you’re feeling weak and low
The world seems to crumble

Before your eyes and tears won’t stop but flow
My shoulders are built for you
Lean on them if you may
I’ll turn your frown into a smile
Draw the sun on your cloudy day

But know that it’s not every day
We’re cookies and cream or
Peaches and mangoes
There are times when we get on each other’s nerves
And there are things we say that we never mean
We love and hate, hate and love
But at the end of the day
We choose to set aside our differences
And we accept that each one of us
Has flaws and are not perfect

So I’ll keep you in my heart
And treasure our journey
Miles or inches apart
Our connection will always be defined
By the memories that we created
And I’ll always have you by my side
Because we are sisters, sisters are we!