*If you are experiencing a medical emergency call an Emergency Medical Service Ambulance on 995, or go to your nearest government hospital Emergency Department.


If you are experiencing health symptoms talk to your employer and ask them to organise for you to see a GP.  Your employer can choose which clinic you attend.  Your employer should pay for doctor’s appointments, diagnostic tests, and treatment and medications.  For example, if you have a fever and a sore throat, your employer should pay for a GP appointment and any medicine you are prescribed. 

Your employer does not need to pay for general checkups, preventative care, or medication not prescribed by a doctor.

You are allowed to make your own appointments for these services.  

Dental Care:

Employers must cover the cost of a tooth extraction if a dentist says it is necessary.  

There are 2 government dental hospitals: 

National University Center for Oral Health Singapore


National Dental Centre Singapore

https://www.ndcs.com.sg/There is an Undergraduate Dental Clinic (SMILE) staffed by final year dental students that may be able to offer cheaper treatment.  Contact them at Smileclinic@nus.edu.sg